There are currently 298 ships known to the Universal Tau Tracker:

Name Captain Registration Class Last Seen On
Astra 007-AA032 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Ro1/Syr
Lemmy-Box 000-AA099 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Lonely So 003-AA166 Razorback AC/YoG
Rocinante AaronK21214 003-AA038 Private Shuttle BS/CSH
Cygnus Alchon 000-AA043 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Ocha-03 Amasya 000-AA049 Private Shuttle Sol/NL
Endless Sky AMDmi3 003-AA042 Private Shuttle BS/JG
04 With sadness that seeps down to the bone Amph 003-AA129 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Harlequin Amph 003-AA092 Private Shuttle YZ/NYC
Sylvester Amph 003-AA095 Razorback AC/YoG
01 Through the darkness of space, we reach deeper. AndreaEntangle 000-AA059 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
06 For you might just find your place AndreaEntangle 000-AA061 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
10 Through melancholy and cheer AndreaEntangle 000-AA065 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Agnostic AndreaEntangle 007-AA001 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sir/HoC
Bebop Alpha AndreaEntangle 003-AA062 Razorback Sol/KBN
Bebop Beta AndreaEntangle 003-AA064 Razorback Sol/KBN
Bebop Gamma AndreaEntangle 003-AA066 Razorback Sol/KBN
Flux AndreaEntangle 000-AA017 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
Scuttle at will Anola 000-AA045 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Seldon_Probe Anola 003-AA045 Private Shuttle YZ/JG
Ptolemaios Anthony-Wang 003-AA142 Razorback YZ/NYC
Gos'Tanhat Aranya 003-AA160 Private Shuttle BS/AMZ
Indefatigable Aspicienti 003-AA100 Razorback YZ/NYC
Space Ship of Attila Attila-Volk 003-AA028 Razorback Sol/Tau
Kaiō-ken Audrey 003-AA150 Razorback Sol/JG
Kikōhō Audrey 003-AA152 Razorback AC/YoG
Makankōsappō Audrey 003-AA122 Razorback AC/MOI
Snow White Bandall 003-AA094 Razorback YZ/NYC
SKylab Bartram 000-AA027 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
Reaver Bemeies 003-AA018 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
aluminum falcon blue60 003-AA047 Private Shuttle L726/JG
Leif Ericson Bob-Oso 000-AA015 Private Shuttle Sol/NL
08 Are numerous stars that light up the night Bob-Simpson 000-AA068 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Excalibur Bob-Simpson 007-AA010 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/KBN
Porsche Bob-Simpson 003-AA110 Razorback Sol/KBN
Short Bus Bob-Simpson 000-AA016 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Private Shuttle -bor- 003-AA034 Private Shuttle L726/JG
Rorqual -bor- 003-AA069 Razorback L726/JG
Steel Panther Bridgette 000-AA086 Private Shuttle AC/SoB
Occam's Brovnik 003-AA078 Razorback Sol/TNG
Parsimony Brovnik 003-AA084 Razorback Sol/Tau
Slow Coach Brovnik 000-AA032 Private Shuttle YZ/NYC
Ars Galactica Burritos 003-AA116 Private Shuttle Ro1/JG
Astra Zeneca Burritos 000-AA087 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
Balneo Benzène Circus Burritos 000-AA090 Private Shuttle L726/JG
Foxtrot Tango Lima Burritos 000-AA095 Private Shuttle BS/JG
Kid Icarus Burritos 000-AA085 Private Shuttle Sir/JG
Lobster Lord Burritos 003-AA155 Private Shuttle AC/JG
Maas Mechelen Burritos 003-AA146 Private Shuttle YZ/JG
Mecha-Streisand III Burritos 007-AA008 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/JG
04 Patience rewards the adventurer. Cayce-1018 000-AA069 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Argo Cayce-1018 003-AA117 Razorback Ro1/MdP
Hiraya Cayce-1018 000-AA050 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Yugto Cayce-1018 003-AA057 Private Shuttle AC/JG
Melchizadek ceej 003-AA073 Razorback L726/OSH
Pathfinder CONCORD 000-AA024 Private Shuttle Sir/HoC
Rust Never Sleeps CONCORD 007-AA029 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/KBN
clunker Corwinte 000-AA035 Private Shuttle Sol/NL
I took a pebble to an asteroid fight Corwinte 007-AA013 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sir/HoC
Vroom vroom Corwinte 003-AA081 Razorback AC/JG
𝙄𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙘𝙚𝙥𝙩𝙤𝙧 Creator7 003-AA128 Razorback YZ/NYC
Vivacia Cror 003-AA005 Razorback Sol/Tau
Dreamer Cthulhu 003-AA099 Private Shuttle AC/YoG
Rlyeh Cthulhu 003-AA143 Razorback AC/YoG
Deep Sound cure 003-AA082 Razorback Sol/Tau
cy's bird cyruss 000-AA046 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
war maker darkwar 000-AA091 Private Shuttle Ro1/JG
Blurr Davas 003-AA159 Razorback Sir/HS
Snail Express Davas 000-AA092 Private Shuttle AC/YoG
Black Pearl DBX12 007-AA030 Mantis Class Private Cruiser BS/JG
Blue Oyster De-Spot 000-AA029 Private Shuttle L726/JG
01 The world may seem bleak Diggles 000-AA073 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
1.21 Gigglewatts Diggles 003-AA125 Private Shuttle Sol/DAE
Giggleplex Starthinker Diggles 003-AA131 Private Shuttle Sol/DAE
G.P.P. Diggle Giggle Diggles 003-AA158 Razorback AC/YoG
G.P.P. Giggle Glug Diggles 007-AA020 Mantis Class Private Cruiser AC/YoG
02 So chaotic, you feel sick Dotsent 000-AA058 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
07 Because along with the darkness that fills your sight Dotsent 000-AA064 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Hardcover Dotsent 003-AA075 Razorback Sol/KBN
Here we dispersed the remains of our friend Seahorse. May his rest be eternal and peaceful. Dotsent 000-AA074 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Iridescent Dotsent 007-AA011 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/KBN
Paperback Dotsent 003-AA012 Razorback Sol/KBN
Sir Bragsalot Dotsent 003-AA004 Private Shuttle AC/YoG
The Flying Saucer dryed 003-AA123 Razorback AC/YoG
The Gravy Boat dryed 003-AA049 Private Shuttle AC/YoG
Smaugarian Peeping Tom duelafn 003-AA010 Private Shuttle YZ/CVS
Elmer Fudd ElChupakabra 003-AA108 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Michael Schumacher ElChupakabra 003-AA164 Razorback Sol/Tau
Nebuchadnezzar Enigma 003-AA053 Private Shuttle AC/JG
Resistance Is Character Forming Enkur 003-AA149 Razorback Sol/Tau
Roanoke Erfo 000-AA055 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
11 Come and join us now FallenMinion 000-AA072 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Devil's Right Hand FallenMinion 003-AA087 Razorback Sol/KBN
Dracula's bite FallenMinion 000-AA039 Private Shuttle Sir/HoC
Supermassive Sun FallenMinion 007-AA006 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/KBN
Wicked Red Riding Hood FallenMinion 000-AA038 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
12 Be part of the family we call TAU FeiYi 000-AA070 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Mercury FeiYi 003-AA063 Razorback Sol/Tau
Sun FeiYi 003-AA035 Private Shuttle Sir/HoC
Venus FeiYi 007-AA017 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/NL
Big Sexy Beast firefu 003-AA085 Razorback Sol/KBN
Outstanding Contribution To The Historical Process firefu 003-AA027 Razorback Sol/KBN
Size Isn't Everything firefu 003-AA002 Private Shuttle YZ/JG
Aesop's Foible floppypond 003-AA126 Razorback Ro1/Syr
ShadowShutle GaoBan 003-AA139 Private Shuttle AC/YoG
Slartibartfast's Ark GeneralPublic 003-AA019 Private Shuttle BS/JG
The Mobius GeneralPublic 003-AA050 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
The Sol Train GeneralPublic 000-AA007 Private Shuttle L726/JG
4U-SKY Hermes GenX 000-AA088 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
Robert'); DROP TABLE Ships;-- Geoff 003-AA060 Razorback AC/MOI
GhostShip Ghost117 000-AA093 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
General Products Hull #1 gizmomathboy 003-AA003 Private Shuttle AC/JG
Gravity is a Drag gizmomathboy 000-AA000 Private Shuttle BS/JG
Infinitesimal Generator Gorini-Lindblad 003-AA153 Private Shuttle Ro1/JG
05 Join the Tauverse Adventurers United [TAU] Syndicate. Grahm 000-AA063 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
09 We would be glad to have you here Grahm 000-AA066 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Best ship in the Universe? This is just a tribute ☹ Grahm 007-AA002 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sir/HoC
Carpal Hypertunnel Grahm 003-AA124 Razorback Sol/JG
confirm your age to view details of this object Grahm 000-AA071 Private Shuttle AC/YoG
Fully Aware of the Oriole Behind Grahm 007-AA003 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/JG
∫ Pizza dµ Grahm 003-AA115 Razorback Sol/JG
‖ Stefan Banach ‖ Grahm 003-AA114 Razorback Sir/HoC
Lead Zeppelin Groat 003-AA056 Razorback Sol/Tau
Malaclypse Groat 007-AA004 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/KBN
καλλίστι Groat 003-AA008 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
Chummi Gummi GummyBear 007-AA021 Mantis Class Private Cruiser YZ/NYC
Cubbi Gummi GummyBear 003-AA106 Private Shuttle Sir/HoC
uMlungu Hairy 000-AA023 Private Shuttle AC/SoB
Stormblessed Haris 000-AA082 Private Shuttle AC/SoB
媽媽最愛的! Herbert-Chewy 000-AA054 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Delta Haze Hiko 003-AA136 Razorback YZ/JG
Towa Hiko 000-AA053 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Inutarou hogemaru 000-AA019 Private Shuttle BS/JG
Volle Kanne Hoshi 000-AA089 Private Shuttle YZ/NYC
Champ of Pog Indecision 003-AA109 Private Shuttle BS/JG
The Glory of the Old Ones Indecision 000-AA028 Private Shuttle L726/JG
Weatherlight Indecision 000-AA021 Private Shuttle Ro1/Syr
Black Thunder Jaisjagut 003-AA041 Razorback Sol/NL
Boise JAMESON 000-AA075 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
DespertaFerro jluis 003-AA102 Razorback YZ/JG
Quiñon jluis 000-AA011 Private Shuttle Sir/JG
Tobajas jluis 007-AA016 Mantis Class Private Cruiser AC/GoM
⚛︎☮︎ KMK 003-AA141 Razorback Sol/KBN
🌍🌎🌏 KMK 000-AA014 Private Shuttle Sir/HoC
AWy KMK 000-AA078 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Ict KMK 003-AA030 Razorback Sol/Tau
iMZ KMK 000-AA080 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
Ray KMK 007-AA012 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/Tau
llamas flying in the cosmos Lamafox 000-AA041 Private Shuttle YZ/ASI
Majestic Eagle Larthienn 003-AA013 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Bender Bending Rodriguez Leela 003-AA148 Razorback Sol/KBN
John D. Zoidberg Leela 003-AA134 Razorback AC/MOI
MDH-1 Leila 000-AA033 Private Shuttle Sol/DAE
👾👽👾 llwt 003-AA140 Razorback Sol/DAE
Gavia Arctica Loon 007-AA025 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/KBN
Gavia Pacifica Loon 000-AA084 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Gavia Stellata Loon 003-AA161 Razorback Ro1/JG
Clever Man's Churinga Mach-i 003-AA156 Razorback Sol/JG
Seven Sisters Songline Mach-i 003-AA135 Razorback Sol/Tau
Pallida Mors Malfecto 003-AA024 Private Shuttle AC/SoB
FireHawk Mannix 003-AA137 Razorback Sol/Tau
Firestar Maravel 000-AA096 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Polcreos MatthewStone 000-AA034 Private Shuttle YZ/NYC
Atlantis MaxDamage 000-AA037 Private Shuttle AC/JG
Destroyer mcraftcoder 003-AA071 Private Shuttle AC/GoM
Tobbe MeMall 003-AA113 Private Shuttle AC/YoG
Phoenix Star Merril 000-AA026 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
Stacee mhliu 003-AA090 Private Shuttle Sir/JG
Rolling Stone Mirathrim 000-AA013 Private Shuttle YZ/CVS
Blue Midget miros 000-AA008 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
starbug miros 003-AA058 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Kayak Modlin 003-AA145 Razorback YZ/NYC
Kayak 2 Modlin 003-AA163 Razorback AC/YoG
Capanap MoHaX 003-AA130 Private Shuttle AC/MOI
Voot Runner MooseyFate 000-AA030 Private Shuttle Sir/HS
Essais de Théodicée sur la bonté de Dieu, la liberté de l'homme et l'origine du mal Morag-Tsikhanouskaya 007-AA031 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/Tau
03 You might feel absolutely alone moritz 000-AA057 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Hanlon's moritz 003-AA083 Razorback Sol/NL
Praying moritz 007-AA000 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/KBN
Razorblack moritz 003-AA007 Razorback Sol/JG
The %s moritz 003-AA000 Private Shuttle AC/GoM
Sildren Morkant 000-AA018 Private Shuttle BS/JG
Flux Inductor Mouser 000-AA081 Private Shuttle Ro1/JG
Trap Agenda Mousetrap 003-AA051 Razorback Sol/NL
Golden Falcon Nascon 003-AA151 Razorback AC/SoB
Wyndham Nebudchanezzar 003-AA120 Razorback Ro1/MdP
HRM Omiš Nevah 003-AA079 Razorback Sol/JG
HRM Šibenik Nevah 003-AA076 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Silver Shadow Niylah 000-AA083 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
Dogu Maru Nomedes 003-AA088 Razorback Sol/Tau
Ladybug Nomedes 003-AA101 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Ragnarok nrc 003-AA009 Private Shuttle AC/SoB
HOW DO I BRAKE? okram 003-AA029 Razorback Ro1/Syr
Not a Razorback okram 000-AA010 Private Shuttle AC/JG
v74.65.80.72 Private Shuttle okram 000-AA006 Private Shuttle BS/JG
Millennium Hand and Shrimp Ortis 003-AA037 Razorback YZ/CVS
Tar Valon Ortis 003-AA025 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Red Dwarf Otter 003-AA111 Razorback Ro1/Syr
USS Ludvik Otter 000-AA040 Private Shuttle L726/OSH
USS Выдра Otter 003-AA098 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
Serenity Ovid 003-AA011 Razorback Sir/HoC
/əkˈseləˌrādər/ particle 003-AA046 Razorback Sol/Tau
Barracuda Perleone 003-AA044 Razorback Sol/Tau
Dario Argento Perleone 003-AA006 Razorback Sol/Tau
Eviscerator Perleone 003-AA089 Razorback Sol/Tau
Fulci Lives! 🧟 Perleone 003-AA001 Private Shuttle BS/MoO
Razorback Perleone 000-AA001 Private Shuttle Sol/DAE
Dark Star [ADC 2239-5531] Phaneron 003-AA070 Razorback AC/SoB
Palomino Phaneron 003-AA059 Private Shuttle Sol/TNG
The Fiercy Wreckage Phylos 003-AA097 Private Shuttle AC/SoB
𝓞𝓵𝓲𝓿𝓮 𝓑𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓱🕊️ pigeon 000-AA048 Private Shuttle YZ/CVS
Protonia Protonics 003-AA154 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
Pandora quasidart 003-AA074 Razorback Sol/Tau
Rockhopper quasidart 003-AA016 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Ishtar Quirk 003-AA105 Private Shuttle L726/JG
Da-Shi r0cannon 007-AA023 Mantis Class Private Cruiser AC/JG
Echo Rahz 007-AA026 Mantis Class Private Cruiser AC/JG
Liriope Rahz 000-AA079 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Narcissus Rahz 003-AA165 Razorback Sol/KBN
Galaxia Rowin 003-AA157 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
HMS Intelligence RuthlessCombat 003-AA162 Razorback Sol/JG
Sunclip SadTiefling 000-AA097 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Christina O Sahib 000-AA031 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Christina O II Sahib 007-AA014 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/Tau
05 But look past the emptiness of space SandwichMaker 000-AA067 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Inconspicuous Blue Box SandwichMaker 003-AA065 Razorback Sol/KBN
Theusz Kobaïa SandwichMaker 003-AA055 Private Shuttle BS/JG
Waïnsaht! SandwichMaker 003-AA077 Razorback AC/YoG
Phoenix Sarwin 003-AA040 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Silver Ghost Saung 003-AA067 Private Shuttle AC/SoB
Delta Flyer SC90 003-AA119 Razorback Sol/Tau
The Major SC90 000-AA012 Private Shuttle AC/YoG
Stardust79 Seb53 000-AA025 Private Shuttle L726/JG
S.S. Defatigable Shadow 000-AA002 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
S.S. Vincible Shadow 007-AA018 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/Tau
03 Our expansion is underway. Shippougami 000-AA060 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Another ship! Shippougami 000-AA076 Private Shuttle Sir/HoC
Cave canem! Shippougami 000-AA051 Private Shuttle BS/JG
Ceci n'est pas un vaisseau spatial Shippougami 003-AA138 Private Shuttle AC/JG
Fast ship! Shippougami 003-AA118 Razorback Sol/JG
Good ship! Shippougami 007-AA009 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/JG
More ship than you can handle Shippougami 000-AA044 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
One more ship! Shippougami 000-AA077 Private Shuttle Ro1/JG
Ship! Shippougami 000-AA042 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
SSV Carl Menger Shippougami 007-AA022 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Ro1/JG
SSV Ludwig von Mises Shippougami 003-AA127 Razorback Sol/JG
SSV Murray N. Rothbard Shippougami 000-AA056 Private Shuttle YZ/JG
Tu ne cede malis Shippougami 000-AA052 Private Shuttle L726/JG
Perelandra ShipwreckSteve 003-AA052 Razorback YZ/CVS
Zug SilentDriller 000-AA020 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
Granada SKald 003-AA121 Razorback Ro1/JG
Camanche Arrow soci 003-AA033 Private Shuttle BS/CSH
The Messenger soci 003-AA068 Razorback YZ/JG
X-Trail Solonely 000-AA094 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Ynermia Sotheryn 003-AA096 Private Shuttle Sol/DAE
Ynermib Sotheryn 003-AA107 Razorback AC/MOI
Ynermic Sotheryn 007-AA027 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/DAE
Spear of Adun SoujiS 003-AA144 Razorback AC/YoG
Spice Melange soulchato 000-AA047 Private Shuttle AC/JG
golden garuda Suryavarman-III 003-AA054 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
ជ័យវរ្ម័នទី៦ ៩ Suryavarman-III 007-AA024 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Ro1/MdP
សូរ្យវរ្ម័នទី២ ៣ Suryavarman-III 003-AA103 Razorback Sol/JG
Zippy SysPete 003-AA023 Razorback Sol/JG
Nameless SYSTEM-GLITCH 003-AA032 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Graviton Storm Thyr 003-AA093 Razorback L726/OSH
Cyclone Tigum 003-AA031 Razorback AC/SoB
FBI Surveillance Van #2319 Tom-Heady 003-AA043 Razorback YZ/NYC
Byrding Tore 007-AA028 Mantis Class Private Cruiser L726/SoT
Knarr Tore 000-AA003 Private Shuttle Sir/HoC
Longship Tore 003-AA072 Razorback Sol/DAE
Millennium Falcon Tote 007-AA019 Mantis Class Private Cruiser YZ/ASI
Tote Tote 003-AA086 Private Shuttle Sir/HoC
👽 We come in peace 👽 Touillette 003-AA133 Razorback AC/MOI
The Shepherd Tower 000-AA022 Private Shuttle Sol/JG
Twileks Yacht Twilek 003-AA147 Private Shuttle Ro1/Syr
Ghostrider Urians 000-AA009 Private Shuttle Sol/DAE
Ditto V-MAX 003-AA080 Razorback Sol/JG
Aurora Void 003-AA022 Razorback Sol/Tau
Celestial Void 003-AA021 Razorback YZ/CVS
Daedalus Vorkosigan 003-AA015 Private Shuttle AC/YoG
The Black Dragon Wheeler 003-AA036 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Sloop John B. Whosgonna 003-AA014 Private Shuttle AC/SoB
Bug Tracker Whytie 007-AA007 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sol/Tau
HDMY Dannebrog Whytie 000-AA036 Private Shuttle Sir/HoC
The Double-edged Safety Whytie 003-AA112 Razorback Sol/JG
02 As the stars glimmer on, we grow. Xierumeng 000-AA062 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Party Bus Xierumeng 003-AA020 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
The Gila Monster Xierumeng 007-AA005 Mantis Class Private Cruiser Sir/HoC
Zoomies Xierumeng 003-AA026 Razorback Sol/Tau
𝘎𝘦𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘪 xuqaq 003-AA132 Razorback Sol/TNG
Maelstrom Yngvild 003-AA104 Razorback Sol/Tau
Shuttle of Spindles and Skeins Yngvild 007-AA015 Mantis Class Private Cruiser AC/YoG
Wild Wind Rider Yngvild 000-AA004 Private Shuttle Sol/Tau
Heart of Gold Zajhein 003-AA017 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Sundiver Zajhein 003-AA039 Razorback Sol/Tau
Harbinger zevlix 003-AA091 Razorback Sol/Tau
Vanguard zevlix 003-AA048 Private Shuttle Sol/KBN
Saturn V Zgrug 003-AA061 Private Shuttle BS/JG