Name System Code Level Needs data
Daedalus Sol Sol/DAE 3
København Sol Sol/KBN 2
Nouveau Limoges Sol Sol/NL 5
Sol Jump Gate Sol Sol/JG 6
Taungoo Station Sol Sol/TNG 4
Tau Station Sol Sol/Tau 1
Alpha Centauri Jump Gate Alpha Centauri AC/JG 6
Bordeaux Station Alpha Centauri AC/BDX 9
Cirque Centauri Alpha Centauri AC/CC 8
Moissan Station Alpha Centauri AC/MOI 7
Paris Spatiale Alpha Centauri AC/PS 7
Spirit of Botswana Alpha Centauri AC/SoB 9
The Ghost of Mali Alpha Centauri AC/GoM 8
Yards of Gadani Alpha Centauri AC/YoG 10
Barnard's Star Jump Gate Barnard's Star BS/JG 10
Caen Stronghold Barnard's Star BS/CSH 11
Estación de Amazon Barnard's Star BS/AMZ 12
Hopkins' Legacy Barnard's Star BS/HKL 11
The Maid of Orléans Barnard's Star BS/MoO 12
Heinlein Stronghold Sirius Sir/HS 13
Sirius Jump Gate Sirius Sir/JG 13
The House of Congo Sirius Sir/HoC 14
L 726-8 Jump Gate L 726-8 L726/JG 14
Orwell Stronghold L 726-8 L726/OSH 15
Spirit of Tianjin L 726-8 L726/SoT 15
LeGuin Stronghold Ross 154 Ro1/LGS 16
Madame de Pompadour Ross 154 Ro1/MdP 17
Ross 154 Jump Gate Ross 154 Ro1/JG 16
The House of Syria Ross 154 Ro1/Syr 17
Asimov Freehold YZ Ceti YZ/ASI 26
Cape Verde Stronghold YZ Ceti YZ/CVS 26
Spirit of New York City YZ Ceti YZ/NYC 27
YZ Ceti Jump Gate YZ Ceti YZ/JG 25